WMA has found a suitable premise which has come up for sale. Through numerous meetings with the current owner, we have agreed to a price and have now applied to the local council for the permission to establish this building as an Islamic Educational and Community Centre.

We aim to provide religious, social, economic, educational and welfare services to everyone. To provide a comprehensive programme for the community to create model Muslims who understand their Islamic duties and obligations to create a constructive dialogue with the wider communities.

Property Details

Oakbridge Centre, Imperial Road, Windsor SL4 3RU.

Community right to bid-assets of community value nomination application made to the RBWM council on 28th March 2023.

Community right to bid-assets of community value nomination approved by the RBWM council on 23rd May 2023.

Planning Application Update
Ref: 15/03789/FULL, 19/00906/FULL, 19/03287/FULL

16th Nov 2015 - Planning application submitted to the RBWM council
1st Feb 2016 - Planning application is withdrawn by WMA
29th Mar 2019 - Planning application has been submitted to the RBWM council.
29th Jul 2019 - Planning application was refused by the RBWM council.
25th Nov 2019 - Application resubmitted to the RBWM council.
23rd Oct 2020 - Planning application was refused by the RBWM council.
16th Feb 2021 - Planning appeal submitted Re: External Planning Inspectorate /APP/T0355/W/21/3267862.
16th Nov 2021 - Appeal rejected by Rachael Pipkin, an Inspector appointed by the secretary of state. Appeal Ref: APP/T0355/W/21/3267862.
WMA considering to challenge the inspector decision in the high court.

The Windsor Muslim Association is considering launching a legal challenge over its thwarted plans for a Islamic community centre in the town.

The community group has been searching for a permanent home for a decade and set its sights on converting a detached property in Ruddles Pool, off Maidenhead Road, into a new place of worship.

Windsor and Maidenhead council refused planning permission in October 2020 due to concerns the development was not suitable for greenbelt land and could ‘intensify’ congestion on the nearby A308.

Planning inspector, Rachael Pipkin, said the local authority’s decision to refuse the application should stand in a report published on November 16.

She said the ‘tranquillity of the area’ could be impacted by 30 families using the venue on a regular basis and said the site’s insufficient parking could lead to overspill along Maidenhead Road.

But Mohammed Ariff, chairman of the Windsor Muslim Association, told the Express the planning inspector had over-estimated the number of worshippers who would use the facility.

He said: “The planning inspector is saying 30 members means 60 or 90 people are going to be in the building at the same time but this is nonsense.

“Never in our history have all our families gathered at the same time.”

Mr Ariff added the main busy period would be for an hour during Friday prayers and the group planned to provide a traffic officer to help manage those visiting by car.

The Windsor Muslim Association has tried to secure a number of permanent homes in Windsor in recent years and currently uses the Scout Hut in Maidenhead Road as a temporary base.

He added: “We are going to challenge this decision and are considering taking this to the High Court because what other option do we have?”

Source: Maidenhead Advertiser