WMA has found a suitable premise which has come up for sale. Through numerous meetings with the current owner we have agreed a price and have now applied to the local council for the permission to establish this building as Islamic Educational and Community Centre.

We aim to provide Religious, Social, Economic, Educational and Welfare services to everyone. To provide a comprehensive programme for the community to create model muslim citizens who understand their Islamic duties and obligations to create a constructive dialogue with the wider communities.

Property Details

Ruddles Pool, Maidenhead Road, Windsor SL4 5TW
Total Land: 1.4 acres
Total Floor Area of the House: 379 Sq Meters

Planning Application Update
Ref: 19/03287/FULL

29th Mar 2019 - Planning application has been submitted to the RBWM council.
29th Jul 2019 - Planning application was refused by the RBWM council.
25th Nov 2019 - Application resubmitted to the RBWM council.