Refugees, Homeless & Food Bank Support

We settle homeless and refugees, offer them practical supports regardless of their stories or background. Teach them the languages, Parenting programmes and assist them in employment and integration. We also run food collection points to continuous feeding of main food banks and Kitchens.

Arabic & Islamic School / Children Library

We have a large collection of children educational materials on Mathematics, Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Technology. Also we have Political Sciences, Religious Studies, Gardening & Cooking and History books.
Free copies of Quran translations in verious European languages are available for collection.

Zakat & Zakat ul Fitr Collection and Distribution

Zakat is an obligatory charity due on the wealth, on certain conditions from the specific group at a specific time.
Zakat ul Fitr is a charity taken from the fasting person at the end of the fasting month.
All charities collected and distributed to the local community.